The benefits of becoming a member of the Lakes Region Rental Association

  • Semi-annual  Meetings: The Association holds meetings twice yearly that are open to all members.  These meetings include a business portion, and a presentation from a guest speaker. These meetings are a great way to gather information, network with other property owners and share knowledge and stories with other members of the association.

  • LRRA Database: Lakes Region Rental Association maintains a database matching tenants to landlords.  This database serves as a reference point for screening prospective tenants.  This database does not provide any references, it merely allows the user to match a prospective tenant with previous landlords, and by contacting the previous landlords relevant information can be obtained.

  • Cooperative Buying Arrangements: Members of the LRRA enjoy additional discounts at Baron’s Major Brands and the Home Beautiful Outlet. (see link on our homepage)

  • Help with Evictions, Local Regulatory Bodies and Selecting Vendors: Members are available to help with evictions or other problems related to current tenants, as well as for advice regarding general questions and problems and also referrals on services such as local contractors, plumbers, etc.

  • Informational Mailings: Prior to each meeting, a mailing is sent out to remind members of the upcoming meeting.  The mailing will also contain minutes from the last meeting and information that will be helpful to you as a property owner/manager.

  • Public LRRA List: The public LRRA list is a list of members who have requested that their name be placed on this list for distribution to the general public and prospective tenants that may call the LRRA or other members of the association.  Members may request to be left off the list if they do not want to be bothered with calls from prospective tenants.

  • Knowledge that you are not alone: Just being able to talk to another property owner/manager who is sharing your frustrations is well worth the cost of membership.

Remember – it is illegal to discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, familial status, physical handicap, mental handicap, age, marital status and religion.  It may also be illegal to discuss these issues when inquiring about a prospective tenants rental history.  Please proceed carefully and at your own risk.

* The number one way for property owners/managers to save money, avoid hassles and keep their blood pressure low is to: SCREEN YOUR PROSPECTIVE TENANTS THOROUGHLY AND CAREFULLY!

Click here to download the LRRA Application


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